‘Art Sampoerna presents the most current developments in contemporary art and the cultural creative fields in Indonesia’



Art Sampoerna was initiated by Mobiliari Group, partnered with Sampoerna Group. It is a presentation of the most current developments in contemporary art and the cultural creative fields in Indonesia. Artworks to be featured in this exhibition are combination of new and recent works by some of Indonesia’s most celebrated contemporary artists today.

Art has penetrated other industries with a very intriguing realization and expanded into various dimensions that can give an unforgettable experience for the audience. Contemporary art exhibitions today have developed far beyond art’s conventional introduction that delineates artworks into categories of limited interpretations. This exhibition, titled ‘Flow Into Now’, curated by Rizki A. Zaelani, tries to create connections between the variety of art expressions, explorations in design and experimental architectural ideas.

Mobiliari Group has been a great support to the Indonesian contemporary art scene, proven in 2011, it hosted its pilot art project & exhibition titled ‘PMR Cube – Contemporary Art & Culture Interplay. This previous exhibition was curated by renown art curator, Mr. Jim Supangkat, and co-curated by Mrs. Dian Muljadi, Mr. Asmudjo J. Irianto and Mr. Sebastian Gunawan. This year exhibition will mark the intention of Mobiliari Group & Sampoerna Group to continually support Indonesian contemporary art with many other interesting issues, as exhibition themes, in the future.


List of Participants

Arkiv Vilmansa


Shortly after finishing school he plunged into the art world citing his love for drawing figures as his inspiration for this change of career path.[READ MORE]



Indyra is among a few of Indonesian women contemporary artist that is well known for her skill and technique in using oil painting as her medium. [READ MORE]

Nus Salomo


Nus Salomo is among a few of Indonesian contemporary artists that is well known as a multi-skilled artist who paints & sculpts using different mediums. [READ MORE]

Yogie A. Ginandjar


Graduated Cum Laude from Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, he has been exhibiting his works in numerous galleries & museums nationally & internationally.[READ MORE]

Gallery of Artwork





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