Farhan Siki
April 16, 2017
Ida Bagus Putu Purwa
April 16, 2017

Born in Bogor, West Java, in September 1980, Gatot grew up in Magelang, Central Java. His unique approach to always use wood as object and image on his works made him stands out from other fellow artists. In his childhood, he didn’t have the luxury to buy dolls or superhero toys he wanted, so he started to make ones from wood with his own version. Stacking, gluing and shaping a doll character was his everyday activities where he could find any wood around his environment easily.

Gatot studied fine art at ISI Yogyakarta in 2000 – 2005, to deepen his interest in exploring wood as his sculpture medium. For various reasons he didn’t finish school, however he persistently keep making his art. He believes in order to have a strong mentality as an artist, not only formal education is important but beyond formal education is necessary as well.

Last year he won a UOB Indonesia Painting of the Year 2016, and again received the same award for UOB South East Asia Painting at the same year. He used woods to form dolls on canvas, showing his artistic but meticulous art. For this exhibition he prepared to create a 3D work with the same artistic style.  He believes that dolls are metaphors for “someone who becomes a toy for someone else”.

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