Marcello Sidharta
March 28, 2017
Abdi Setiawan
April 16, 2017

As a self-taught artist, inspiration for painting an abstract comes from everywhere, art & culture, life, nature, emotion, and spiritual & beyond. She purposely not starting with a layout on her canvas when making a composition, rather she paints freely without intention and let it flows and grows into forms, filling the canvas. She believes energy of colors will find its own path, letting the spirit of spontaneity & freedom flow from her every move in the process. Additional colors and layering are applied to reinforce and emphasize her painting.


People enjoy her abstract paintings because they are pleasing to the eyes and straight forward. Her strokes are strong and dynamic, as if every lines and strokes on canvas are communicating with each other.


Often times the title and image of the painting can speak to the audience and bring the emotion alive. Her expressive style, sometimes experimental, stimulates her audiences to contemplate with her works, thus, making honest connection with it. This way, she is encouraged to improvise and explore her style with abstract intensively.

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